VistaQuote incorporates RFQ routing by teams

11/12/2018 11:54:45 AM

VistaQuote has added a new feature to its broad offering. Now, RFQs can be routed to sales teams instead of just a single person. "This was a result of a request from a customer looking to deploy VistaQuote in their organization. This is an example of Ambry Hill's commitment to developing solutions that solve problems. We listen and will build in features that make sense." said Paul Stewart, President of Ambry Hill Technologies, the makers of VistaQuote.

The VistaQuote Software as a Service (SaaS) solution captures inbound RFQs and allows you to route them to sales staff. Routing is different than traditional email forwarding rules you might find in Outlook for example. With VistaQuote, RFQs are not duplicated which means when one person quotes the RFQ, it disappears from the work screens that other's see as well. It also means no more shared inboxes. Managers can separate and assign RFQ workloads to the appropriate staff so they can focus on the specific RFQs that matter to them. And, Managers can monitor the staff's activity and assist where needed.

VistaQuote's design is a very deliberate and thoughtful approach to the way Aviation Sales Professionals utilize their systems and manage RFQ email traffic. Every feature has a purpose and is meant to solve a specific problem that is present in the traditional methods used to manage large volumes of RFQ email traffic.

Team routing will now expand that ability of Aviation Parts Trading companies to respond to their customer needs even faster.

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