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case study - MDC Aircraft Service + VistaSuite

Mobile, Cloud Technology, and Digital File Management at the Heart of MDC Aircraft Service’s Modernization Effort


MDC Aircraft Service is based near Los Angeles with several satellite locations around the world. Established in 1972, they specialize in aerospace expendables and rotables. MDC offers fast and friendly service with same-day shipping service for stock items. They maintain the highest quality standards, backed with ISO 9001 certification. Quality and service have given MDC a solid reputation for reliability, exceptional service, and competitive rates.

MDC was searching for aviation business management software that had capabilities for capturing documents and images, unlimited cloud storage of files, company-wide remote access to a master file library, transaction-level and item-level file paths, and weblink file sharing.

When asked to describe one of the many challenges that VistaSuite has solved, Mike De La Cerda, Vice President of MDC Aircraft Service explains, “The big thing that jumps out at me is the processing of paperwork... Our warehouse here is filled with filing cabinets. The fact that we are not utilizing as much paper or consuming as much paper is nice. And then being able to just store our traceability in the VistaSuite system as opposed to our files… that’s going to make it a lot easier servicing customers.”


For MDC Aircraft Service and so many others, the 1990s was a milestone period when computers and locally hosted servers entered the mainstream workplace. The legacy system MDC adopted in 1998 was in full-time operation until the implementation of VistaSuite in 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities and lack of functionality that legacy systems have in today’s modern business environment. Finding a modern system with effective digital file management tailored to the challenges within the aviation industry combined with ubiquitous mobility is critical to a business system modernization effort.

A primary requirement for MDC in this new business software included the ability to organize and access documents and images from within all transaction records, be compatible with existing office scanning equipment, come with mobile imaging functionality, and have easy access at critical decision-making points within the system’s business process.

An additional critical requirement in this new business system was mobile application accessibility to take advantage of existing mobile device benefits.

For those times when a customer provides a spreadsheet list of items that they would like to have quoted, the process is often time-consuming, and the result is sometimes unattainable. While not a requirement, VistaSuite does have a clever way of solving this challenge for MDC.


Unlike MDC’s previous system, VistaSuite is cloud-based, meaning that local server hardware and upkeep are not needed. Additionally, VistaSuite includes a mobile app for inventory photo capture, receiving, searching, relocating and much more.

Digital file management in VistaSuite has many unique features that are designed to solve common problems present in many legacy and existing business software systems.

VistaSuite’s digital file management system works with existing scanners found in most companies and uses industry-standard formats for file storage and sharing. Files can be stored against all primary records throughout the system and are conveniently consolidated into single views anywhere in the system so that you do not have to hunt for files attached to inventory, companies, or even transactions.

File attachments are presented at strategic points within the business process such as building transactions, emailing transactions, or receiving goods and shipping goods.

VistaSuite’s easy-to-use mobile app works seamlessly with QR codes available on the screens within VistaSuite or on printed docs for rapid photo capture of inventory records, repair activities, inbound and outbound package processing, etc.

The unique centralized file library allows for a one-stop location to search system-wide on any file attachments for any record giving you powerful filter, search, and sort options to find what you are looking for quickly.

This centralized library also acts a shared drive to store common business documents that are needed in your daily business transactions. For example, rental agreements, exchange agreements, terms and conditions, or other controlled business documents.

With VistaSuite’s file management system, you can easily categorize, describe, and set expiration dates on file attachments. A convenient drag-and-drop or traditional browse UI provides options to quickly attach files in a variety of ways.

MDC found as a bonus, the push-list capture feature which allows the sales team to take their push-list spreadsheets from customers and email them to VistaSuite where they will be automatically read and converted into an RFQ inside of VistaSuite.

This data transformation from a spreadsheet to a VistaSuite RFQ record automatically links to corresponding sales history, purchase history, inventory availability, and images for fast research and quote creation.


VistaSuite is cloud-based with accompanying mobile technologies, which means MDC has peace of mind knowing that they can access their business system any time, any place on a secure and reliable platform.

Their paper footprint has been drastically reduced and critical information about their parts, customers and vendors is now accessible at the click of a button from anywhere. MDC’s operations are more efficient because their business decisions are faster, more accurate, and more profitable.

MDC Aircraft Service stocks hundreds of different fastener types, most of which are stored in bulk packaging accompanied by corresponding paperwork. MDC no longer has to use oversized storage bags to fit the correct paperwork within order shipments.

The MDC team is reducing waste and paper costs, all while improving customer service and overall workflow efficiency with the digital file management system that allows them to share the paperwork with secure encrypted links.

VistaSuite’s mobile application adds to and enhances the digital file management system by allowing rapid photo capture and photo storage against parts, inventory, and transaction records; thereby dramatically optimizing the business processes and dissemination of information to the MDC staff.

MDC’s sales team can now respond to customer requests in a fraction of the time using VistaSuite’s push-list capture feature. This combined with the accessibility of all paperwork on conveniently located screens has resulted in a more efficient and profitable sales process with elevated customer service.

Executive Summary


MDC Aircraft Service

Simi Valley, CA


Aircraft Parts Distribution (Hardware)

Business Challenges/Needs:

  • Replace a legacy, local server-based inventory system
  • Digital organization of inventory documents
  • Mobile access to the business system
  • Improved workflow for quoting a spreadsheet of items (push lists)


  • VistaSuite, cloud infrastructure, mobile access, digital file management, spreadsheet processing


  • Freed MDC from the costs and complexities of their locally installed, client-server system by replacing it with VistaSuite, which is cloud-based and has a vastly more intuitive user interface.
  • Reduced paper and plastic waste and related costs by implementing VistaSuite’s digital file management system which presents the user with immediate access to several file types including company files, linked order files, inventory files, and computer files.
  • Achieved seamless remote access through VistaSuite online and through the mobile app which operates on both Apple and Android devices.
  • Automated the task of manually entering large spreadsheet push-lists by having VistaSuite prepare the spreadsheet’s content for use within VistaSuite which also correlates the historical data for each item for fast research and quote creation.
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