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Crafted For A Smarter Workflow

B2B eCommerce Site
eComchain Integration

B2B eCommerce site with standard out of the box features to display the catalog of items using VistaSuite's inventory, with add to cart and request for quote

Integrates with VistaSuite inventory, pricing and quoting

All the VistaSuite inventory attributes related to a product would be displayed on the product detail page

A standard landing page will be provided using one of eComchain's out-of-the-box templates

Administrators would be able to track quotes using the admin dashboard

Inbound RFQs as setup through VistaSuite

Quotes can be approved by the admin for customers to complete the order

VistaSuite's eComchain invoices can be paid off by the customer using their credit card

Standard features related to analytics: products ordered, revenue by city, revenue by week, marketing campaigns

Customer/account management and order tracking are available for the administrator

Search feature by product code and NSN (National Stock Number)

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Integrate With Your Website’s
RFQ Contact Form

If you receive RFQs that are sent from a website contact form, VistaSuite can manage those RFQ emails and process them just like standard RFQs.

This eliminates the need to handle your website RFQs differently, which keeps your workflow clean and efficient.

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RFQ Batch Processing
(Quote & No-Quote)

Rather than sending one quote for every one RFQ, save time by selecting multiple RFQs from the same customer, and combine them into one quote.

You can also no-quote several RFQs at once, which means you will retain those valuable insights, but without wasting time on manual data entry.

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Export Compliance
Security Screening

Catch a potential issue immediately, before investing time in the sales process or logistics activities.

Both automatic and manual export compliance screening is available through Descartes VisualCompliance, the leader in global trade compliance.

Export compliance screening results are located within every company profile along with other related options used for blocking the company’s RFQ visibility, warning notification messages, and adjustments to the security screening status.

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Automated Inventory Updates to
Listing Services, Available*

No longer will you have to spend hours every week exporting and uploading inventory data manually, because we can totally automate that manual process for you.

As an additional service, we can automatically upload your inventory to the marketplaces you use. Check with the marketplaces you use to ensure they accept either FTP or email submissions, and whether they require a separate fee for the capability.

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The ability to find records from the inventory view puts the parts in front of you immediately. Also, inventory is instantly visible within every part record so that you do not have to explore parts and inventory separately.

VistaSuite’s inventory management is intuitively designed with logical groupings of key information and input fields. Pending-inbound inventory is also available from within an inventory view.

Managing inventory in VistaSuite is a refreshing experience with unlimited user-defined fields, unlimited doc/image file storage, pools, consignments, charges, alternates, and so much more. You also can apply a banner image to every inventory and part record as a helpful visual aid.

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Vista Suite allows you to match an existing inventory item to a credit memo, which means you don’t have to create duplicate entries for credited inventory that was received ahead of time, or outside of your normal processes.

Receive warranty, RMA, or unexpected items for evaluation without having to generate a credit memo on the transaction, allowing you to preserve the sale.

Launch receiving events from quotes, work orders, purchase orders, repair orders, sales orders, and invoices.

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Old systems require a ridiculously manual process for attaching photos to inventory items, and sharing photos is impossible. VistaSuite is different because you can use a mobile device to scan the QR code of a record, transaction, or job and then select photos from the device’s camera roll for upload to the targeted destination.

If you need to share a document, image, or other file with someone outside your company, VistaSuite’s file library extends an encrypted URL to every file. Simply copy the file’s URL and share for the third-party to view it, just like cloud storage.

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Specify multiple part numbers, on a single transaction, that are eligible for satisfying your exchange. Set up an exchange sale with a quantity greater than one on a single line item, allowing you to simplify the larger transactions.

Also, you can override the system-generated returning core cost at the time of sale so you can manage those higher cost repairs, or occasional cost anomalies. When factoring return core costs, VistaSuite calculates your figures for a fast and accurate result.

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Quality Control

VistaSuite’s quality control checklists are a first-of-its-kind modernization to match the real-world needs of these business processes.

For work orders and inventory receiving, you can create quality control checklists and save them as templates for future use. This is especially beneficial for PMA, quality inspection of inbound goods, or for test and evaluation checks on work orders.

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Work Order

A work order can be saved as a template for use again in the future. Work order quoting and billing integrates seamlessly with your existing quote and sales processes so that you can maintain complete process continuity.

Assign tasks to workers using a simple drag and drop layout. Record labor, charges, bill of materials, and equipment toward a whole work order or a task.

Manage component and aircraft end-item light maintenance, light manufacturing, and kitting. Include photos on work order documents to accompany the written details. Android and iOS mobile apps available managing labor recording, work orders, photo capture and more.

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Work Order

VistaSuite incorporates visual indicators throughout the work order process, showing key details at-a-glance, without needing to search through navigation menus. You can also apply a banner image to the work order header such as a company logo or other helpful visual aid.

Access transaction history, technical manuals, notes, tasks, labor recording and more from within a work order’s intuitive layout. When a technical manual is expired, a visual indicator will alert you to the expiration status so that you can take immediate action.

Tasks each have their own handling of file attachments, default pricing, mechanic notes, non-routines (squawks), internal notes with category “pins”, labor and equipment requirements, mechanic and inspector signatures, job progress status, and more.

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Your VistaSuite email setting has an email signature builder and is configured to use your official work email address as the sender so that your contacts know exactly to whom they are communicating.

When emailing a customer from VistaSuite there exists the option for attaching files from your computer. Prior to sending your quote email, add a message to your email as a way to build upon your customer relationship.

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Easily manage complex pricing scenarios inside invoices and quotes with VistaSuite’s multi-line, spreadsheet style item calculator. This handy utility calculates factors like domestic and foreign currency comparison, exchange rate, unit price, quantity, discounts, profit margin, tax, core, and other charges.

Having profit margin and currency in one view, along with the many other variables, gives you a vastly more efficient workflow.

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Customizable Content

Personalize the layout of your data views by selecting the visibility of individual columns, rearranging the order of columns, searching terms within every column, determining filter parameters, and choosing between ascending or descending sorting.

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Advanced Exporting
Of Content Views

Suppose you want to export your current data view for use externally. Nearly all data views in VistaSuite allow for direct export to a .csv file.

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Clauses for Transactions
and Individual Items

Easily accessible throughout VistaSuite, clauses can be established for transactions as a whole and for individual items. VistaSuite allows you to create a variety of clauses and save them for future use.

Additionally, you can assign more than one clause as your default, manually apply more than one clause at a time, and easily edit your clauses before use.

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Apply a banner image to inventory pages, part records, and work order headers as a helpful visual aid for your team.

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Automate your RFQ-to-Quote workflow with inbound RFQ sorting, organizing, and forwarding to relevant salespeople. VistaSuite RFQ processing works with all your favorite listing service emails like PartsBase, Locatory, ILS and more.

Once inside VistaSuite, the RFQ is sent through predetermined automation processes like export compliance screening*, then the RFQ information is cross referenced and linked with your own system data - giving you easy access to relevant information alongside every RFQ.

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VistaSuite’s stand-alone labor recording capability allows you to track labor independently, which means you do not need to create a work order just to record labor.

Track time on a work order, sales order, stock line, inventory pool or general task - with the option to mark time as billable or non-billable. Admins can easily manage time entries and create dashboard widgets for at-a-glance labor tracking. Labor can be recorded using the mobile app or web browser.

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Complete View of All Shop
Activities and Work Stages

VistaSuite gives you a bird’s-eye view of assignments, due dates, progress of tasks, and more.

The interactive shop management board has a simple, drag and drop interface to help keep you organized and productive.

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Vista Suite allows you to match an existing inventory item to a credit memo, which means you don’t have to create duplicate entries for credited inventory that was received ahead of time, or outside of your normal processes.

This also means that receiving warranty or RMA items for evaluation, does not require the creation of a credit memo, which preserves your sale.

VistaSuite also includes advanced crediting functions for exchanges with cores that have been received, the flexibility for you to include items from linked orders, and the ability to credit partial quantities and amounts.

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Returned Inventory

When you change a purchase order to facilitate a return, a logistics order can also be created from the same view. RMA and warranty are handled independently from credit memos so you can preserve the sale during the evaluation process.

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Aging Invoice

VistaSuite’s Kanban view provides you with a convenient way to filter and sort by invoice status, color code invoices, save internal notes and more. You can also quickly update an invoice to easily apply charges for additional fees.

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Inbound and Outbound
Logistics Management

Stay informed with VistaSuite’s pending-inbound and pending-outbound visibility, along with a card-style layout for up- to-date logistics task tracking.

All this provides you with a consolidated view of every searchable, key data element - on one screen.

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Workflow Progress

Visual indicators (signal icons) throughout the interface depict important details, at-a-glance, so you don’t have to waste valuable time hunting through complicated menus to find things like work order progress, warranty claim status, invoice payment, consignment designation, inventory allocation, and dozens more helpful signals.

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CRM-Like Transaction
Status Tracking

Easily track the various transaction pipelines throughout your organization with VistaSuite’s, drag and drop, card-style layout.

Move items to the next stage or status with a quick drag and drop across your workflow status categories.

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QR Codes Are Generated

QR codes are generated automatically throughout the system for quickly locating records through the mobile application.

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If you have preexisting barcodes, it may be possible for our team to adopt them for use with the VistaSuite mobile app bar code scanning capability so that you don’t have to relabel your entire inventory to take advantage of our mobile barcode scanning technology.

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Previously Established
History Alert

VistaSuite will alert you when you have worked on a particular part in the past so that you can quickly review the history and carry on with subsequent work.

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Work In Progress Logs

WIP logs, found in work orders, provide you with readily available and easily discernable financial summaries to keep you always informed.

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Unlimited User-Defined

Create unlimited user-defined fields in core areas of VistaSuite for Companies, Parts, Inventory, Vendor Quotes, Purchase Orders, Sales Quotes, Invoices, Work Orders, Repair Orders, Shipping, and Receiving.

Each UDF list has a spreadsheet-style layout for fast creation and editing. Determine up to 4 different UDF types (5 in work orders) of which you can pre-define default values.

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Charges Applied to
Transactions and Items

Charges can be defined as either a part number or a charge. This level of flexibility allows you to choose the approach that makes the most sense for your operation. Charges can apply to the transaction in general or to a line-item specifically.

This means that charges like core charges, over and above, or repair charges can now be tied to your part numbers and be displayed in your historical data views.

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Send out vendor quotes with ease and retain the vendor’s pricing responses within the same vendor quote record. With one-click, transform the vendor quote response into a purchase or repair order.

All these transaction activities will remain linked and immediately available throughout every stage of the process.

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For those times when cloning a transaction record is the best option for your situation, VistaSuite provides you the ability to quickly clone and reuse any core transaction record.

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When creating a logistics order for shipping, every line item will have a field available for quickly inputting the unit’s customs value. The customs total is automatically calculated and displayed separate from the grand total.

At the same moment you generate other documents for printing, you can choose to include source of origin reports for customs clearance.

Both automatic and manual export compliance screening is available through Descartes VisualCompliance, the leader in global trade compliance.

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Bill of

Independently add or remove both the quantities and/or condition identifiers for items on the bill of materials for maximum BOM flexibility.

Easily apply the cost of turned-in items from the bill of materials for accurate BOM cost reconciliation.

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VistaSuite updates global exchanges rates through our live exchange rate aggregator or by a manually assigned exchange rate for an individual customer. Once set, easily toggle between your currency and the customer's currency for comparison.

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Customer Tax

To ensure that your customers (and your accounting team) receive the most accurate information, every customer profile in VistaSuite can retain a custom tax rate that is automatically applied to future transactions.

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Create and Organize
Internal Notes

For convenient organization of notable details, VistaSuite has a place for saving internal notes within records, transactions, and tasks which can then be labeled using customizable category “pins.”

This powerful tool lets you assign and filter all your notes for convenient viewing and management. Notes also include the date, time and name of the person who entered the note.

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Primary Analytics

Create a variety of KPI visuals for tracking metrics in VistaSuite like labor hours, expenses, revenue, inventory levels, team performance and more. As an additional service, our team will collaborate with you to develop your desired KPI dashboard.

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Embedded Analytics

In additional to having a primary dashboard page, it is also possible to embed KPIs in relevant locations throughout the VistaSuite application.

For example, near a part number record you could display a dashboard tab that would show the percentage of annual revenue related to that item, and have it sorted by transaction types.

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Visibility of External Data
Inside VistaSuite, Available*

Using real-time ODBC connectivity, display external data sources like spreadsheets or legacy databases from within VistaSuite. This capability can be used for pseudo data migration, real-time visibility of your other business systems, or shared spreadsheets. Traditional data migration services are also available.

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Reports and Documents

The reporting capabilities in VistaSuite offer you the flexibility to design and edit your own materials. Although the data structure available has been designed with both beginners and advanced users in mind, our team can design and build your reports as an additional service.

Also note that photos can be included for display on work order documents.

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Batch-Print Related

When printing a transaction-level document, VistaSuite enables you to quickly view and select many other documents for printing at once. For example, you can print an invoice, pick ticket and packing slip all at once.

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VistaSuite is designed to give you freedom to choose from the thousands of fantastic applications that already exist for accounting, customer relations, communications, productivity, etc.

This powerful capability is facilitated by Zapier, a product that integrates web applications of all kinds, giving you the flexibility to keep the CRM you love and the accounting system you need so that you don’t miss a beat.

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Data Storage and File

With VistaSuite, you can upload and store unlimited files like technical manuals, documents, photos, and videos.

All your media is organized into a file library for easy access, which is especially useful for locating terms and conditions, certificates, service bulletins, technical manuals and more. Job-specific and transaction-level file management is also included.

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If you need to share a document, image, or other file with someone outside your company, VistaSuite’s file library extends an encrypted URL to every file. Simply copy the file’s URL and share for the third-party to view it, just like cloud storage.

Alternatively, if you are composing an email from VistaSuite, you can select files from the VistaSuite file library, company files, linked order files, inventory files and files from your computer.

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A customer quote can originate directly from an RFQ, Work Order, or a blank template. You can also quickly clone and reuse any customer quote record. When working on a customer quote, with one-click, you can convert it to a sales order, work order, vendor quote, or logistics order for receiving.

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Conveniently located within a repair order are disassembly management, piece parts, inbound and outbound inventory viewing, and the ability to separately establish outbound and return shipping addresses.

A vendor quote or a work order can be transformed into a repair order, and with one-click, a repair order can be converted into a sales order, or a logistics order for receiving or shipping.

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A specialized view for showing the inbound inventory is provided in the purchase order layout. Easily allocate piece parts, and quickly convert a purchase order into a purchase order for receiving, or a logistics order for shipping or receiving.

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Easily define your sales order type as either a sale or repair with just one-click. VistaSuite’s sales orders can accommodate the inclusion of multiple alternates and multiple cores.

Line-item data entry is quick to navigate and allows for the data columns to be customized to your preferred viewing arrangement.

Add both inbound and received inventory to purchase orders. Outbound inventory is displayed within the sales order as a quick reference to work in progress.

A sales order can be generated from a repair order, work order or customer quote and can be converted over to a purchase order, invoice, or logistics order for shipping or receiving.

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Automated Email

Receive a variety of automated email notifications like scheduled inventory reports, shipping and receiving alerts, quote follow-up reminders, various daily totals and much more.

The innumerable possibilities for automated email notifications through VistaSuite will reduce repetitive, manual processes and increase your workflow efficiencies.

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Open Database Connectivity

Connect to VistaSuite from external applications through ODBC like Progress ODBC, CDATA ODBC, and PostgreSQL ODBC. VistaSuite’s ODBC capability allows you to continue using your favorite reporting or analytics utilities and provides vastly more integration possibilities when compared to other systems.

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VistaSuite $150 per user, per month.
Core Operations Functionality
Customer, Vendor & Contact Mgmt.
Part & Inventory Mgmt.
Customer Quotes
Sales Orders
Invoices & Credit Memos
Vendor Quotes & Pricing
Purchase Orders & Returns
Repair Orders
Shipping & Receiving
Exchange Mgmt. & Core Tracking
Brokered Repair Mgmt.
File & Image Mgmt.
Mobile Apps
Multi Decimal for Currency and Qty
Multi Currency Support
Advanced Operations Functionality
Email RFQ Capture & Mgmt.
RMA and Warranty Management
Pools (Lots) & Consignment Mgmt.
System Wide Labor Recording
Advanced Inventory Mgmt. & Planning Functionality
Charges Against Stock Lines
Alternate & Cross Reference Management
MTBUR, QTY Per AC, Lead Days, Criticality
Inventory Levels By Warehouse Management
Inventory Categorization & Grouping
Customer Property Management
Expiry Date / MFG Date and Batch Management
Quarantine and Hold System
Hazmat Management
International Customs Management
Condition Code Level Grouping*
Priority, Significant End Item and IMU Flagging
Kitting / Kit Building*
Light Manufacturing*
Shop Management Functionality
Component Work Order
AC Maintenance Light
Convert to Exchange Sale Option
Multi-Unit Repair Capable
Tasks / Instructions / Notes
Snag / Defect / Non Routines
Customizable Checklists Managements
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Disassembly Lists
Equipment Lists
Miscellaneous Charges
Quoting , Billing & Receiving Integration
OSV Repair and Purchase Integration
Photos / File to Job with Mobile Option
Labor Recording with Mobile Option
Job Templates
WIP Detail and Summary
Job Estimates and Planning
Integrated Dashboards
Interactive Shop Management Boards
Technical Manuals
FAA Digital Signature Support*
Productivity and Process Flow
Status Driven Automation*
Interactive Kanban Boards
System Wide Signaling System
One Click Printing and Emailing
Centralized File Research Library
Unlimited Data Storage
Business Forms & Reports
Data Analytics Dashboards
Email Account Integration
Auto Build Transaction Items
Auto Build Vendor Response
Build in Search/Filter/Sort In All Browses
Part Number Level Transaction Defaults
Universal Date Formats System Wide
Security, Auditing & Compliance
System Wide Audit Logging
SSL Encrypted Connections
Multi-Tier Amazon Security Infrastructure
OAuth2 Authentication Support
Encrypted Passwords
Predefined Security Profiles
User Level Control Settings
Export Compliance Support
eCustoms Screening Integration
FAA Digital Signature Support*
Customization and Design
User Defined Status Codes & Colors
User Defined Note Pins & Colors
User Defined Inventory Pins & Colors
User Defined Fields Unlimited
Customizable Browse Grids
Integrated Forms & Reports Designer
Integrated Dashboard Designer
Accounting Integrations
QuickBooks Online Integration via Zapier
Quick Books Online Bridge
Quick Books Desktop Bridge
Xero Online Bridge
Sage Online Bridge
MyOB Online Bridge
Integration and Integration Support
Zapier Platform Integration
IMAP & SMTP Email Integration
eCustoms Visual Compliance
B2B eCommerce Site By eCommChain
RESTful API Connectors
Database Direct ODBC Connectivity
External Data Integrated Bridge Views
Mobile & Tablet Support
Apple & Android Mobile App Versions
Mobile Photo to Any Primary Record
Inventory Location Validation
Inventory Location Transfers
Part & Inventory Lookups
Location Content Lookups
Customer Quote Capabilities
Labor Recording
Work Order Lookup
Tablet View Compatible
Tablet QR Code Scan Order Lookup
Work Order Tablet Compatible
*Soon to be released

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