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case study - Ultimate Aviation Solutions (UAS) + VistaQuote

Driving Revenue Growth: Ultimate Aviation Solutions Leveraging Auto-Quoting and AI as a Force Multiplier


Ultimate Aviation Solutions (UAS) is a leading provider of new aviation parts and related aftermarket operations for more than 225 manufacturers including Beechcraft, Boeing, Cessna, and others. UAS (www.myuas.aero) also offers aftermarket services including supply chain and logistics services such as order processing, stocking and fulfillment, automated inventory management, and reverse logistics to Original Equipment Manufacturer and customers.

Victor Galarza, Owner and CEO of UAS, adds, "UAS focuses on providing a wide range of critical aviation parts and mission critical services to our global customer base. As one of the top U.S. exporters of these products and services, we are backed by a multilingual team of personnel with a wide range of experience in the aviation market."

UAS offers exceptional parts selection advice and price-sensitive alternatives to aircraft operators, manufacturers, and MRO providers, plus they ship 99.9% of in-stock parts the same day.


Continuous, steady business growth has resulted in an ever-increasing number of all types of incoming Request for Quote (RFQ) messages from UAS prospects worldwide. These include RFQs directly from customers as manually typed emails and from prospects using parts locator services such as PartsBase (www.partsbase.com).

Having a four-person team tackle 330+ RFQs daily, manually responding to every request with high accuracy, was so time-consuming that nearly 45% of the RFQs would regularly go unanswered. Addressing those workflow challenges, along with the business opportunity costs, were critically important goals for UAS.

The UAS sales team needed a solution to remedy the challenge of responding to a growing volume of RFQs that have a variety of formats and come from an array of sources (i.e., parts locator services, direct email, website RFQ submission form).

UAS manages pricing through an in-house database so they needed a solution that closed the RFQ and quoting workflow gaps but could also integrate their pricing methodology in an automated way. 


"I evaluated other offerings out there for handling aviation-related RFQs, and Ambry Hill's VistaQuote was far superior in overall capability, integration with our existing in-house system, RFQ handling, and our favorite: auto-quoting," said Galarza. 

UAS implemented VistaQuote (www.ambryhill.com/vistaquote) to standardize and automate their RFQ collection and manage their quote processing. UAS recently activated VistaQuote's new AI technology to interpret human-created RFQ emails. That means the unstructured emails sent directly from people are standardized and staged in VistaQuote alongside the traditional listing service RFQs. 

As an additional challenge, UAS does not manage its pricing data through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Instead, they use in-house databases fed by spreadsheets and active lists received from OEM manufacturers daily. Ambry Hill was able to tailor the auto-quoting functionality to respond to RFQs based on the logic that UAS defined.

This advanced, sophisticated approach to automated quoting has given UAS the confidence that a quote generated automatically will produce the same result as if a staff member had generated the quote. “No other software platform was able to offer this level of pricing customization, combined with connectivity to our in-house pricing database, to produce fully automated quotes,” said Galarza.


As an example of VistaQuote's impact on Ultimate's RFQ processing and quoting workflow, approximately 15,266 RFQs were processed from March to June 2023. That's roughly double the volume compared to the same period in the prior year.

Within that same time frame in 2023, UAS revealed that VistaQuote's auto-quoting had accounted for at least 55% of their quoting activity totaling nearly 8,500 RFQs. That means the quotes that were previously going unanswered are now being responded to and giving the UAS team additional breathing room to enhance customer service.

VistaQuote is connected to the in-house data sources UAS utilizes for managing pricing through a single, centralized interface, which streamlines their end-to-end sales workflow. Previously, time-consuming manual keystrokes, copy/paste, and other disjointed actions were required, even to initiate creation of a customer quote. 

"I recommend not only VistaQuote as a software solution, but I've been impressed with the customer-oriented professionals at Ambry Hill. The team was clearly committed to our project and making it successful," concluded Galarza.



Ready to elevate your team to new heights? You can experience the same game-changing impact as Ultimate Aviation Solutions (UAS), a leading provider of aviation parts and aftermarket services, by deploying Ambry Hill's VistaQuote automation technology.

UAS faced the challenge of managing a growing number of RFQs, resulting in missed opportunities and manual inefficiencies, but with VistaQuote's automated quoting technology, UAS achieved an impressive increased efficiency by an estimated 110% and reduced overall workload without compromising pricing methodology and standards.

Seamlessly integrated with their in-house pricing database, every automated quote is tailored to their pricing logic, delivering the same accuracy and reliability as manual generation.

Don't let valuable business opportunities pass you by—schedule your VistaQuote demonstration today and start taking your operations to new heights!

Contact Ambry Hill at 1-612-367-8472 or sales@ambryhill.com for a personalized product demonstration and join UAS in taking your team to new heights. Visit AmbryHill.com to learn more about Ambry Hill’s cutting-edge solutions, backed by a team committed to your success.

Executive Summary


  • Ultimate Aviation Solutions (UAS)
  • Miami, FL
  • myuas.aero


  • Aircraft Parts Distribution (OEM Parts and Products)

Business Challenges/Needs:

  • Excessive numbers of RFQs going unanswered.
  • Several manual actions are required for every transaction stage.
  • Human-typed RFQ emails disconnected from the rest of the workflow.
  • Pricing database disconnected from the rest of the workflow.


  • VistaQuote, RFQ standardization and collection automation, increase RFQ response rates through workflow automation with auto-quoting, AI email recognition and standardization of quoting processes.


  • Expanded the team’s capacity to handle 100% of the RFQ volume and increasing win ratios.
  • Auto-quoted at least 55% of total RFQs received within four months.
  • Increased efficiency by an estimated 110% and reduced overall workload without compromising pricing methodology and standards.
  • Delivered a force-multiplier solution to a lean team with a multi-layered challenge.
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